The Alliance is a group of men committed to stand aligned, as one, for the Kingdom of God in Indiana and around the world.

our mission

To build a movement of eternal value through called and committed men across Indiana who contribute by

  • funding local and global missions work and opportunities for others to serve
  • investing in the call of God on the next generation
  • supporting local churches and outreach ministries

while building a network of like minded brothers with tangible avenues to follow the call of God on their lives.

where does my contribution go

Members of the Alliance contribute $10, $20, $30 or more per month to three specific areas.

Light for the Lost

the men's mission's arm of the Assemblies of God which equips World Missionaries, Chi Alpha, Teen Challenge, church planters, and church revitalizers with discipleship materials, Sunday School or children's curriculum, outreach material and so much more.

Stand Men's Ministries

a strong fellowship of men rising in Indiana who stand together for our families, our churches, and the Kingdom of God.  Every dollar is used to expand and enhance the Stand Men's Conference and Regional One Day events as well as assist local churches to build thriving ministries to men in their communities. 

Legacy Fund

developed to propel the gospel and the call of God to the next generation by providing scholarships for young men to attend Indiana Camps or for those who sense a call to vocational ministry to attend ISOM (Indiana School of Ministry), providing matching funds for young men who desire to participate in a mission's trip with Stand Men's Ministries, and helping fund other projects which fulfill the mandate to leave a legacy.

*Contributions are not a replacement for regular tithes or local missions giving and may be given in one lump sum or in recurring monthly automatic gifts.  All gifts are tax deductible and a giving statement will be furnished annually for tax purposes.

thank you

Members of The Alliance are the brothers who make all of this happen.  We simply cannot fulfill what God has asked us to do without you!  To show our appreciation, every member of The Alliance will receive the following:

  • Welcome Gift - The Alliance official T-shirt
  • Exclusive Communications - including early registration opportunities for mission's and discipleship trips and member's only discount codes to all Stand Men's events.

how do i join the alliance

Becoming a member is easy...

  1. Create an account.
  2. Select to give one time or recurring.
  3. Choose The Alliance as you gift fund.
  4. Give to Light for the Lost, Indiana Men's Ministries (Stand), the Legacy Fund or ALL 3.
  5. Watch for your welcome gift in the mail.