church revitalization

why is revitalization important?

The overarching goal of the Church Development office is to have every Hoosier within reach of a healthy, Spirit-filled church. This will require nearly 500 healthy Assembly of God churches located across every county in Indiana. We are working to plant new churches in many places, but we also believe many of our churches, where it seems their best days are behind, can be infused with new life and be vital to their communities once again. We believe, with the right pathway and the right leadership, no church is more than two years away from health and effectiveness. So our investment in revitalization is as important as our investment in church planting.

what resources are there for pastors working on a revite?

Since 2007, the Indiana District has utilized the Church Life process for doing church in a Pentecostal context. It is certainly not the only way pastors are leading revitalization around the world, but it is process we use in Indiana. In this work with Church Life, we’ve discovered much about the process of leading a church back to vitality and effectiveness through revitalization. We believe no church is more than two years away from health when a process of revitalization is utilized and executed. Please check out the  Church Life page to get more information on upcoming cohorts.