district affiliated churches

We LOVE our District Affiliated Churches and pastors! Currently, Indiana has over 40 District Affiliated (DA) churches. Our hope is to support these churches through prayer, ministry, and consultation, helping them grow larger in Spirit, attendance, effectiveness, and finances. This support enables and encourages our DA churches to move from District Affiliated status to General Council status. Since 2016, we’ve moved more than a dozen to self-governance.

One of the best ways we’ve found to support our District Affiliated churches is our annual Lift Conference. This conference is designed exclusively for our DA pastors and families. As a pre-conference to IDAG Minister’s Conference in October, the Lift Conference has become a favorite for connection, fellowship, training, and support. We have a wonderful time together celebrating what God is doing in our DA churches, training through workshops and break-out sessions, fellowshipping through community meals, and supporting one another through worship, prayer, and powerfully inspired messages. If you’re a new DA pastor to Indiana, or thinking about coming to our district, please make the Lift Conference a priority for your calendar. You won’t regret it!