Nehemiah was a man whose heart was moved by God to come and rebuild the defenses of Jerusalem, for the sake of the inhabitants of the city who lived each day in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of their enemies who surrounded them, and fear of what their future would be. Nehemiah, filled with compassion and courage set out to change their world.

Project Nehemiah was born out of days of prayer and fasting by the Indiana Ranger Leadership team. It is a call to men such as Nehemiah who saw a hurting generation and set out to change their world for the glory of God. Just as Nehemiah saw a hurting people, we have an entire generation of young men who have lost their vision for manhood.

The Need

It’s painfully obvious. Boys have lost their way on the journey to manhood. The statistics tell the story. Compared to girls, boys are:

  • 3 times more likely to be registered drug addicts
  • 4 times more likely to be diagnosed as emotionally disturbed
  • 6 times more likely to have learning disabilities
  • 12 times more likely to commit murder
  • Boys make up 90% of those in drug treatment programs and 95% of minors in the juvenile court system.

This generation risks carrying unresolved problems with them into adulthood, impacting our families, churches, communities and places of employment. The best time to build a man is while he’s still a boy, but the path from boyhood to manhood is no longer clear. Fathers are often absent or disengaged.

Project Nehemiah is a building project that will create an area at our Lake Placid Christian Conference Center that will be geared specifically to today’s boy. It will be a place that local outposts can come to, churches can come to, unplug from the technology that all too often consumes our life, and chase after the God who created us!

The building site is on 15 pristine acres of Indiana woodlands. It also has the advantage of being directly attached to the Lake Placid property. In Figure 1 Below, the building site is marked by a blue rectangle.

With this project, a 100’ by 48’ structure will be built on this property. The structure will consist of a 64’ by 48’ open air pavilion that will attach to an existing stage and open air auditorium. At the other end of the building will be a 36’ by 48’ enclosed finished space with showers, restrooms, a small kitchen, and a storage area on the ground floor.

This space will be used to coordinate weekend adventures where young men will be challenged and shown that they have what it takes to be men of character. During this weekend adventure they will be challenged to be men who will exemplify honor, courage and service to their communities. They will be trained to be leaders in their communities, churches, and workplaces.

The Purpose

This will be a place that men can go and invest in the lives of young men as they inspire them to go on adventure with God, develop Godly character in their life, and fulfill the Heavenly task that they were created for!

As the men of the church we have a God given responsibility to raise a generation of men to take our place within our churches, communities, and world. This will be a place that we can gather for a consecrated time to pour into the lives of the young men from our community and reverse the moral decay that we see in our current culture. From 2013 to 2015 the percentage of Americans who qualify as “post-Christian” rose by 7 points (from 37% in 2013 to 44% in 2015, Barna Research), bringing the number very near the halfway mark.

The How

First and foremost the process began and continues with prayer! After that, we are looking for 125 men to pledge $1000 dollars each by the end of 2017. This comes out to about $50 a month until the end of 2017. It’s taking one meal out a month and investing it in the lives of hundreds of young men. It will be an investment into generations of young men!

Why $125,000? We are planning on being very frugal with the monies donated. We want this to be a structure that will meet all of our needs and not need any type of major work for years to come. We also want it to be a blessing to the churches of our district. We are planning to save money by having work days led by a general contractor who has offered to donate his time to build the enclosed space of the shelter, with volunteers who are willing to invest in our young men! Some of the work will be contracted out to trade skill professionals as we want to make sure the foundation and basement areas are done to current specifications and built to last! The cost breakdown of the structure is:

  • $10,000 – Power brought back to building site
  • $15,000 – Water and Water Waste lines ran back to building site
  • $25,000 – Basement
  • $20,000 – Concrete Foundation
  • $30,000 – Pavilion Roof, Pole Structure, Trusses
  • $25,000 – Fully Furnished Enclosed Space

How can I give to Project Nehemiah? Contact the Indiana District Office Christian Education Department, and they will talk to you about how you can get signed up to donate to this project. The assistant on the other end will be able to walk you through this quick process of getting signed up as a Project Nehemiah Sponsor, or how to give a one-time gift!

Want to know more?

Want to know the specifics of the project? Get more information in this below ready to distribute packet. talk to the men of your congregation about sponsoring the discipleship of this next generation of young men!

The Nehemiah Project downloadable packet (.pdf) (888KB)

If you have any questions feel free to contact our district royal ranger director at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.