We face challenges everyday of our lives, whether we are young men, or a little older. The success of our life can be measured by how well we rise to those challenges. Did we really try our absolute hardest and use all the skills we posess to finish the challenge? The highest honor a young man can earn in Royal Rangers is the Gold Medal of Achievement. The young men that earn this medal were not happy will just advancing to the next class. They pursued this challenge with diligence. This is s list in of every young man who has earned the Gold Medal of achievement while living in the State of Indiana. Congratulations on your accomplishment and remember to continue to serve with diligence!




Recipient's Name Nationally Registered Medal Number Indiana District Medal Number
Steven White 90 1
Eric Jones 91 2
John Orchard 439 3
David Smith 537 4
Brian Holcomb 564 5
Steve Quinn 596 6
Jeff Williams 605 7
James Bowles 606 8
Jeff Woodard 699 9
David Myers 870 10
Tony Cooper 871 11
James Streitelmeier 872 12
Jerry Short 1043 13
Keith Hawkins 1044 14
Scott Starnes 1092 15
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